Clarify your personal goals, this is best done by writing it down in your journal ????. Now take some fun time and create affirmations/ positive statements on your goals. These are short statements and starting with “I am…” As an example…! ????
I am happy, healthy and healed. I am focussed, receive abundant energy everyday. I am sharing and providing solutions to friends and family. I am awesome and I am blessed.
Your affirmations can be authentic and your own. Remember to use your own goals. Also confirm the affirmations as if you already are in possession of it.
Now take 10 minutes before you fall asleep ???? and 10 as you wake up to confirm your daily routine.

With love ???? S.

❄️????Realize that you HAVE a life story but you are not it. To awaken to a life without suffering you have to let go of your story. Stepping out of the past and your identification with it as “me” starts by choosing to take total and complete responsibility for your reality. You have to realize that every painful event of your life has brought you blessings – that they were teachers on the path to waking up. Realize that outside your story there is an alternative reality of inner peace, love, compassion, kindness and joy. That is your original essence. You are That.????????

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