????????Whenever there is change, any kind of change, things come into focus more clearly. When disturbed by change, all other unfinished “issues” from the past are stirred up. The pain body becomes activated. Seven days into the SA lockdown, the novelty of change will slowly start wearing off and issues from the past will start surfacing. When it does, remember this: The issue is ALWAYS yours; the outer or the other is NEVER responsible. Just watch it, just be aware, just see it. If you can see it you will take responsibility for it and not ACT on it. It is impossible to go against awareness, and if one acts in any case, it wasn’t awareness. Something else is being mistaken for awareness. So remember, the outer world – also in these extreme times – is never responsible for one’s suffering. And in extreme times one’s “issues” will show themselves more frequently. Allow this to become a permanent state of awareness for you and utilized changing times as a time for healing.????????????