Applied mindset, taking a dream and develop a structure to achieve the desired outcome. Create a path to follow, make a vision board and place it visually visible…. Be a visionary of the desired outcome. With love 💕 S.

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Few people understand the legacy and implication. Once one truly commit, it has a lifetime association. As we move through life, one creates several commitments, it takes a tenacious person to stay the path, throughout! With love 💝 S.

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Planting. As in a flower garden, if you plant Azalea 🌺, don’t expect Tulips 🌷. Same in life, what you sow you shall reap, careful with the decision one takes! With love 💕 S.

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Some days one feels more challenged than others. Totally unexpected incidents occur and wobbles the equilibrium. Stand fast, focus on the end goal, it’s a decision. With love 💕 S.

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An unlimited resource available from the beginning of time. Reshaped, reused and desired. Similarly, we find an inner source of energy in each of us in unlimited abundance. Reshape this energy, use it ecologically and achieve one’s desired outcomes. With love 💕 S.

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There’s always a solution in the infinite universe. Let no one and nothing hold you back. Absorb all the facts and see the issue from a different angle. The solution is within. With love 💕 S.

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Commit to the plan and take action. The universe abundantly supply, however it’s not for free…. One has to take action. With love 💕 S.

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Use your words with care, there is infinite power in them!!! Once spoken it cannot be taken back…. With love 💕 S.

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In the circle of life, as the sunset on one situation, it rests in preparation to rise on the next phase of life. With love 💕 S.

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Sometimes one needs to silently count one’s blessings and appreciate the abundance available in the universe. With love 💕 S

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Take a moment to view the current situation, by adjusting even one degree, one can view the situation from another angle. One has freedom of choice, wallow in the current situation or adjust the viewpoint, finding solutions. With love 💕 S.

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Everyone has different challenges, don’t we? So how would generic answers be the solution? The answer to each challenge, each problem, and each word uttered towards one, is simply…. LOVE! It is the answer that overcomes all! With love 💕 S.

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Inspirational Sayings & Positive Thoughts

Daily Quote 57

​????????We are living in post-normal times – a period between the old that is dying and the new that still needs to be born. A time to expect the unexpected, a time to become comfortable with the uncomfortable – to dance even if we don’t know the tune. What an exceptional time to be alive – a time of unprecedented  opportunities to leap in consciousness. A time of contributing to the new world.????????

Daily Quote 54

????????Un-awareness is the cause of ALL suffering. It deprives one of peace, love, joy, honesty, intelligence, decisiveness and responsibility. ????????

Daily Quote 53

????????If we want to utilize these extreme times to grow and deepen spiritually, we have to start by opening our hearts – to reach out and carry the most vulnerable amongst us. And in that discover our own vulnerability, our own humanness, our own fallibility. After all, that is why we are here – to live our highest potential as human beings: I AM ANOTHER YOU.????

Daily Quote 52

????????The ego-mind(need) and the heart(love) never meet. As lower consciousness and higher consciousness never meet. The two can never be at the same time. It’s either the one or the other. What determines which it will be? Attention.Where you place your attention makes ALL the difference. You get to decide in every moment.????????

Daily Quote 49

????????Freedom from the roller coaster of human suffering is to transcend the person-hood of the ego-mind all together. This requires a practice of being in the moment with TOTAL interest and availability to ALL, love, compassion, joy and intense curiosity, abiding in the calm and Presence of infinite awareness; Present in the Presence.????????

Daily Quote 48

????????Awareness is about acceptance of _what_ _is_ in the moment. It is an inner happening that instantaneously transcends the ego-mind and it’s tendency to fight or resist. Acceptance of the moment results in constructive outer action that allows a flow with Life that serves ALL. It allows for a trust in Life: A faith that everything is in place – ALWAYS.????????

Daily Quote 45

????????The term ‘spiritual ego or pride’ refers to the result of the illusion that there is a ‘personal self’ that is doing the spiritual work. The spiritual ego is counteracted by humility and gratitude that emanates from the Self. Spiritual intention attracts higher levels of consciousness which are experienced as grace: Life waking up to Itself in Itself.????????

Daily Quote 44

????????It is important to realize that which is REAL brings peace and that which is from the ego-mind brings fear. ????????

Daily Quote 43

????????All spiritual learning is unlearning. One does not learn patience, one unlearns impatience. How does one unlearn impatience? You have to become aware. You have to SEE the impatience when it is there. See it as often as possible. Seeing it again and again brings a realization that brings about transformation – the collapse of impatience and the natural emergence of patience. TO SEE IS TO BE FREE.????????

Daily Quote 42

????????Remember that you ARE love. It is your VERY nature. All that is needed is to live it. To express it, to let it flow, to allow it to happen. ????????

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