Thinking. Outcome.

Is the desired outcome clear? Journal the desired outcome, write it down, what is the alternative? Keep on writing until the outcome is believable. With love ❤ S.

Thinking. Creatively.

Hit a road block in one’s life? Take time and a notepad, go sit where one is not distracted. Clarify the obstacle, write it down. Now, close the eyes and take 10 deep breaths. Create 20 alternate solutions and write it down. The route will open up. With love ❤ S.

Thinking. Focus.

How many ideas cross one’s mind daily? Surely one can’t entertain them all. A clear goal and outcome is desired, isn’t it? Bring into focus your desired outcome. Aim with intention at that target. Where ideas flow, outcomes grow. Be focussed. With love ❤ S.


Did you hear that? Sometimes we are so ready with our own words, that one actually misinterprets the speaker’s words. It’s one thing to listen and totally another thing to hear. With love ❤ S.


Be clear when one use words, ask the audience to repeat what they heard, more often than not their interpretation is different from the actual meaning. Did you ever experience this? With love ❤ S.

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