Day 889 – Intuition

Actively training the subconscious mind, it becomes easier to accept hunches and be in rhythm with the vibration in the universe. Actively make the choice to practice a routine of silence and meditation / prayer. With love 💕 S.

Day 888 – Fun

What an awesome day and a lovely fun number. Today standout and be spectacular. I am awesome and I am in control of my future, I am blessed and I am thankful. With love 💕 S.

Day 886 – Stuff.

One’s life is filled with it, some good but mostly no longer feasible. Let it go, that was yesterday’s dream, and award for achievement. Take now into consideration, focus on the new dreams! The past is history, tomorrow will come, but today I am living in the CREATOR’s embrace! Let go of past stuff, mentally and physically. With love 💕 S

Day 885 – Dreams

 In the ever changing, fast paced world, it remains vital that one keep on keeping on! Never stop. Everything has an end, that’s why one has more dreams lined 🆙. Life is for the living, as tough as it may seem. Live now, today, in this moment a new dream on the horizon. With love 💕 S.

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