It requires some kind of awareness to ensure that one is in the right place at the right time, and one can position oneself for success in every transaction that one tasks oneself with! Everything has an opportunity to learn! With love ❤ S.


We get to decide our own destiny, from an early age. Be ecological, decide to be rich, decide to be healthy, these things makes one’s journey so much easier in time! Decide what your future looks like! With love ❤ S.


What influences yours? It’s a strange world we live in. What will change your mind? With hope there is always another horizon, remember to vibrate in your frequency of success. With love ❤ S.


This sleep, this slumber that most people are living in, is artificial. Believing a job will create wealth? Believing inheritance is wealth? Believing owning property, your own business, having investments, is wealth? The real paradox is in the paradigm shift of awakening! Nothing one owns is going with one into the next plain, create, fullfill and develop, yes, but do not believe that this is wealth. True wealth is one’s resonance and vibration on the level of angels, wake-up! Live with purpose and passion, however that looks like in your life. With love ❤ S.


How are you doing with your investment in yourself? Are you stuck, in limbo or charging ahead. Surrounded by all the noise in the world one needs to re-affirm one’s true identity and vibrate at a resonance of the desired outcome! At www.ineuniverse.com subliminal audio products are available to clarify one’s vision! With love ❤ S.


Working with discipline, dedicated purpose and committed to achieve the desired outcome, one will meet one’s expectations. Be very clear on the expectations! With love ❤ S.