Applied mindset, taking a dream and develop a structure to achieve the desired outcome. Create a path to follow, make a vision board and place it visually visible…. Be a visionary of the desired outcome. With love 💕 S.


Few people understand the legacy and implication. Once one truly commit, it has a lifetime association. As we move through life, one creates several commitments, it takes a tenacious person to stay the path, throughout! With love 💝 S.


Planting. As in a flower garden, if you plant Azalea 🌺, don’t expect Tulips 🌷. Same in life, what you sow you shall reap, careful with the decision one takes! With love 💕 S.


Some days one feels more challenged than others. Totally unexpected incidents occur and wobbles the equilibrium. Stand fast, focus on the end goal, it’s a decision. With love 💕 S.


An unlimited resource available from the beginning of time. Reshaped, reused and desired. Similarly, we find an inner source of energy in each of us in unlimited abundance. Reshape this energy, use it ecologically and achieve one’s desired outcomes. With love 💕 S.


There’s always a solution in the infinite universe. Let no one and nothing hold you back. Absorb all the facts and see the issue from a different angle. The solution is within. With love 💕 S.

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