As one journey through life, one gets to become more attuned to behaviors people have in different circumstances. Often one’s opinion and input is not asked for, don’t give it! Stay quiet! With love ❤️ S.


To keep the equilibrium in life one needs to remain flexible and adapt to change. Is this easy, depends on how flexible one remains mentally to accept adjustments. Your choice! With love ❤️ S.


Letting go of vibration and energy that drains one, now, consciously. Tune into a frequency of love and wellbeing, you’re awesome and we accept you for who you are! Be free, and creative, take time to journal! With love ❤️ S.


The greatest gift one received today, was waking up. Be thankful and enjoy each moment. Be the change you desire in this life. With love ❤️ S.

Anxiety. 4.)

Breath. Change the frequency once one becomes conscious of the anxiety, noticing the sensation and symptoms. Take 5 minutes and do a breathing exercise, this can assist with the change from hectic towards calm collective thoughts. Breath. With love ❤️ S.

Anxiety. 3.)

Step away from the situation, walk outside and step away from yourself and thoughts. Create energy to view the event from a different perspective. Look and see the world around you, live outside the distractions! With love ❤️ S.