Lockdown Day 243 – Liberated

Feel a weight shift from your shoulders as absorbing energy shifts and is replaced by active energy. One controls one’s own thoughts and actions, during times of duress. Using subliminal programming one use entrainment audio to prepare the conscious mind. When one is faced with a mountain to climb the prepared mind will act with active solutions and liberate one from the seemingly impossible. Remember there are solutions everywhere. Prepare the subconscious… visit www.ineuniverse.com for a professional product that has made changes , benefiting 1000’s of lives. Are you liberated? With love πŸ’• S

Be whole, be free, be the change you are to the world!

Lockdown Day 242 – Attitude

Do you become a victim or are you a winner. That my dear is a choice. Your choice! With love πŸ’• S. Ps. Being surrounded with this unlimited abundance, can one ever demand more? I may desire or request, that is an ego drive. Rather I will give, do and provide more and the blessings will be bestowed upon me , beyond my wildest expectations! I am blessed in Graceful Abundance!

Lockdown Day 241. Fitness

Physical conditioning and looking after the body has benefits for the future. It is a disciplined journey one follows with a committed daily routine. Using the Morter walk one activate slumbering muscles πŸ’ͺ and systematically get the daily fitness training in place. βœ… Preparing the mind has a special fitness routine. Daily activity assist one to achieve higher levels of subconscious awareness and motivation. I am and I are daily in control of my outcomes. My mental fitness is enhanced by using my I am statements. Using one’s audio downloads from www.ineuniverse.com continuously in a disciplined way one enhances the mental fitness.

I am a mental health conscious person and I am listening to my fitness audio motivation daily. The results are phenomenal and I receive abundant positive results from my daily subconscious development and fitness routine . Remember I am… With love πŸ’• S.

Lockdown Day 240 – Important

I am relevant and I act purposefully. My function is important, I am dependable, people look at my example and follow my lead. I am making a difference, I am important. More than ever my dreams are turning into the reality that I am striving to achieve. I am the golden opportunity, I am thriving, I am grateful and I am blessed. Today I remember my importance. I am love, happiness and dedication. I am…. With love πŸ’• S

Lockdown Day 239 – Reflection

What is your key personal reflection from 2020? What made YOU! (Do share) Our memories does necessarily define our desired outcome. Today you may compete badly but tomorrow, who knows things will go better… One changes the angle, one view the situation from and the reflection changes… I am the mirror of my input! I am the hero that I believe in! I can compete to be beyond my expectations for I am… Champion Today, I know, that I am in control of the reflection I see! Live with purpose. Be the reflection one desire to become. If it is to be, it is up to me! At www.ineuniverse.com our coaches are standing by to polish the mirror and assist one to reflect the image that one deeply desire. With love πŸ’• S