Letting go of the past and reviewing the lessons learned aren’t always easy, each has its own way to make the adjustments. Reflect in remembrance and gratitude. With love ❤ S.


On average one only lives for about 3 minutes, then you have to take a next breath. Adjusting how we breathe creates an environment for change! Deep breathing opens the conscious mind to accept sub conscious guidance. Contact www.ineuniverse.com for more information. Start 2024 with a new breath! With love ❤.


How does life challenge one, always something just as you think you’ve figured it out? Adjusting quickly and remaining adaptable when circumstances drastically change, that is key. The most mentally flexible persons are the ones that remain in control. With love ❤ S.


How did one’s life beneficially change by one single chance event? What was the event? Now recreate that energy and excitement of the moment and live it everyday. Note, there is no chance, everything is as it should be! One can however, by choice, imagine the future one live, by acting with positive thoughts and feelings, creating desired outcomes. With love ❤ S.


Sometimes one get caught in a rut, not knowing how to break out and live again. Go back to the emotions and feeling one had when starting the process, re connect the passion, focussed desire and breakdown the barriers holding one back. Live with passion every step of the way. With love ❤ S.