Tick tok, tick tok, says the clock πŸ•°. Has your plans for the day, week and month been clearly defined? In the quantum, energy is being channeled to energy or attracted to activity. If one has feelings of being overwhelmed with life’s demands it is time to go back to your journal πŸ“”. The answer to your desired outcome is within. Use our audio download scripts to awaken the giant within you. With love πŸ’• S

πŸƒπŸ™It is necessary to develop respect for the inner path. Discipline is innate to serious commitment. For most students the journey starts with exploration, but once one gets the “fire in the belly” or passionate, the urge to reach freedom from suffering becomes a relentless drive. From that point on, there is no patience for diversion and no desire to engage in the egoic behaviour. It depends on decision, will, and the level of consciousness. As the journey progresses and matures, the awakening of the Self allows no delay.πŸƒπŸ™