Whatever one think about comes about. You decide what you are giving attention to. The mind can manifest everything we give attention to, it is a responsibility to be mindful. Anything the mind perceive it can achieve. Active or reactive. What one think about and dwell upon one will attract. I am… followed by a statement is the most powerful words one can use… give attention to the words that follow! Using words like I have vs I want also has a profound effect. Want is a future term and delays the process of manifestation. I have an abundance that is totally unlimited in universal energy and I am grateful for receiving daily blessings in health, relationships, knowledge and finances.

I am the most unique person in my world and I am grateful. I am living egoless understanding that all energy is ONE. I am accepting, gratefully my blessings and I am acting ecological. I am a humble receiver of the abundance I allow into my energy field, I have everything that I believe in and receive even more active energy. I am love, I am the dream of in the world. I am.

With Love S.