Now that we have established a WHY… let’s have a look 👀 at the actions we allow. Is it active or is it reactive? i.e. Is it positive 👍 or negative 👎 ? 🗣 Whatever we think 🤔 about is what we allow into our world 🌎! Why did you act the way you did yesterday? What is the reason? Every action has as consequence. What goes up must come down 🙄 or does it??? What if one lived outside the known boundaries… what if space alone was one’s unlimited boundary? How does one react under different circumstances… what makes one stand out as an unique being? Actions has consequences… do I stay or do I move or do I create different outcomes by taking different actions? I am grateful and I am humbled as a being in this phase of transition knowing my actions creates more active outcomes! In this multiverse I am but a spec and my active actions creates but a ripple, but I am soooo much more. I am the change I want to see in this multiverse!

With love 💕 S. ps. fly high… and that is just using the I AM power locked into my Infinitive mind….