While one is attached too stuff one cannot really give freely. If one does not have apples 🍎 🍏 to share one needs to go and acquire it. One cannot share what one does not have. While one is attached one is limiting the energy of receiving. Let the energy go and allow it to thrive, if it was yours to be, it will return in active abundance. There is unlimited energy in the world 🌎 but one can not hoard it. Detachment is the key! Once understood one realize that those with seemingly unlimited resources has learned the art of letting go! One cannot give love if one does not have self love! Go find it locked away inside, journal 📔 everyday. You have all you need and more, locked within! ⚛️ @ www.ineuniverse.com there is a whole set of tools available in the form of audio downloads.

There is a discipline in successful abundance. Those that practice the art of detachment and giving, with letting go of the EGO, receive exponentially more abundance. Detached thoughts allow YOU to tap into the abundance of higher energy available. And one receives this without even making a dent in the resources available. Let Go an Let GOD have HIS Wonderful Way! ♻️

With love 💕 S.

In unlimited abundance!!! 🌿🌿🌿 ps. I want is a future word, may you consider to replace want with have? I have is a current word! 🍃I have let go of relationships / things / dreams and desires that no longer serve the purpose of abundance in my life. I am open and I am thriving on the abundance that I receive. I use this energy to the ecological benefit of myself and I have so much that I can share with mankind. I am making the difference I see in the world! I have and continuously receive energy beyond the wildest thoughts I ever dreamt and envisioned. I am providing services that is making a difference and I have a thriving lifestyle. I am that I am! I daily use affirmations to further enhance my outcomes, I am blessed and I am grateful. I receive GRACE! ♥️