Sometimes things happens and due to various reasons a reactive overhaul is required. Mainly because one did not follow a disciplined active maintenance plan. Time and energy with a structured routine is required, to mentally strengthen oneself. We as humans have an amazing rebound capability once we clarify our desired outcomes. 🔑 Is it possible that a major overhaul during some cycles of life is required…? Once we strayed and left the course, it might be time for reactive correction. At that point in one’s life, our team of qualified “mechanics” (qualified practioners in various principles) are standing by to assist and gently guide one through the process. One recognizes the symptoms long before the breakdown… how long one takes to act and take action to do corrective adjustments is an element of one’s ego. An active aware mind will be more flexible to accept intervention vs an ego filled sluggish self driven attitude! YES, the answers are locked within the I am. However one requires exposure to broaden the horizons for a wider range of tools to start the overhaul. One has the fundamental right to make changes and achieve different outcomes. 🌎

Our actions today are changing the outcomes of tomorrow. Inactivity prolong the status quo!🌍 It is oneself that are responsible for the choice or not, to commit to the outcomes that we desire! There is unlimited abundance available, energy beyond our wildest dreams. Once a person is ready and actively make the decisions to take their share they are surprised when the flow starts. Often proclaiming “I should have done this long ago”. It is never the wrong or right time. Your time is NOW! Act NOW. ❤️

With love 💕 S.