Once our freedom of social movement is inhibited mass humanity suddenly reacts. Does this mean it is something new? No it’s not. History is repeating itself! πŸ©πŸ• However how I react to the circumstances changing, is totally within my control. The easiest way out is to conform, is it not? 🚒 Let it go and let GOD have HIS wonderful way! There is a singular abundance of conformity. β€œGet your piece of the action now” or sit and wonder what happened! The old saying of getting out of the way of people making the change, is today more valid than ever before! Now act! Get out of your own way!!! Be open to the abundance available within and in the multiverse! I am the change and I provide active energy to all those around me! I am that I am! I act with surety and conviction, I have… everything and more than I desire.βœ… With love πŸ’• S.