Unbelievable, is it not. This strange period in time will certainly change how humankind interacts, how our energy is shared and how we develop. Accepting the circumstances is not equal to giving in. Accepting means one use the opportunity and experience to create different memories and neuro pathways. Our global experience has been adjusted. By accepting the circumstances one gets to focus on doing things in a different way and take up the new opportunities. Accept who you are! Never before have you been more prepared to be the ultimate you. Unique with a skill set an experience only you have to make a difference… Accept your circumstances and use the tools already in the bag to achieve your desired outcomes. Remember, your self talk…. I am and I have. My control over my thoughts and actions is endemic (ðŸĪŠðŸ™„😜) to my conditioning… I am what I allow and I accept that I am managing my energy and vibrate in the abundance of success available. I am. With love 💕 S.