We are all exposed to an enormous amount of information. How one interpret this information often sets one up to rationalize one’s actions. One is the equal sum of one’s exposure. Living in different “conditioned worlds“ within this world 🌎 one might react totally different to the same situation than one’s neighbors. As example…. visualize you are standing on a street corner, ready to cross the road, suddenly there is a screeching sound of tyres braking and an impact between vehicles 🚗. BANG. It’s done ✅. Now stop time and try standing on the other corners of the intersection at the same moment. Would you agree that it is the same incident from a different prespective, with a totally different version of the incident??? Imagine, visualize close your eyes 👀 look at the incident again, what do you see now? Stop 🛑 now try and place oneself in different positions within the incident itself and experience the situation from these differing viewpoints…. is that not the way one should live, life? Observe, gather and analyze information before judging? Instead of being so selfishly righteous to jump to conclusions!? At www.ineuniverse.com self development audio entrainment downloadable products are made available now to enhance one’s perspective view from within, and the different corners one stand on. Make the difference in one’s own life go do a download now, iexperience the release of the screeching brakes ….. With love 💕 S.