More specifically – Self Sabotage – during the journey the past few communications the idea of positive self manifestation was sown as little seeds. One has to have a total self awareness and be ultra careful in one’s choice of words. Written down, set goals and affirmations is a great way to fall back on one’s journal when self doubt and worldly pressures creeps in. Our guard has to constantly stand at the gateway – on high alert – watching out for self sabotaging words and ideas 💡. This does not suggest we can’t have emotions… instead how one expresses one’s emotions is rather the point of discussion. Guard your “word seeds” being planted carefully, lest one allows the self sabotage to creep in. Feeling the blues… see how the blues comes around in one’s future… feeling depressed… see how the depression comes around…. blah, blah, blah one might say, but heed the reality! One makes a decision today, with words and thoughts 💭, to write and live and feel tomorrows outcomes. Remember, I am focussed in my desired outcome thus I am controlling my actions that is created by my thoughts with underlying conditioning. I am feeding the active seeds I have planted and nurture them daily. I am following a daily routine of listening to my audio downloads, filling my subconscious mind with subliminal conditioning to better manage the desired outcomes I manifest. I am unique and I am unstoppable, achieving my desired outcomes. My guard is at high alert 🚨. The saboteurs are captured and eliminated prior to entering the gate. I have total control of my energy and I decide to manifest it in an active way, to achieve my desired, planned outcome. ✅ I AM. With love 💕 S. ps… visit now, select your unique download and put your subconscious guard on high alert. Things are changing at a rapid pace, yet all remains the same. Unless I am making the change. It is I who are responsible for my outcomes! Because I AM one energy and I AM perfect.
I AM ….. you decide what to say next…