Is one ever…? While one is still able to take the next breath, is one defeated, less one gives up!? Is this experience not just a lesson on one’s journey? The most powerful tool one has is the human mind. Combined consciousness created the best solutions out of the worst defeats, did it not? …. STOP πŸ›‘…. just look around you for one moment…. I mean look πŸ‘€ at the things surrounding you … How many of these was created by people on the brink of defeat, ready to give up? Listen πŸ‘‚ and hear your inner self, adjust incrementally. Hear and be the most powerful, important person in your life making an unique impact in this world. You are the next big attraction, over coming any and all defeat in your life! The next best seller is written within you… now available on the shelf!!!! ℹ️ With subliminal mind entrainment audio, one continuously shift the energy within towards finding subconscious solutions to any defeat one may be facing. The, I AM, co-creating and working within ONE is a most powerful energetic being. Release the overcomer within, NOW!!!! Today… is the day… I Am amazing and I Am blessed with unlimited abundant energy. The GRACE, … I Am receiving with gratitude πŸ™. I Am…. Do the release, turn defeat into action and be the true HERO from within. With love πŸ’• S.