Is so often one’s downfall. It inhibits the being to exist without prejudice. Live egoless focus on channeling energy beyond the basic instinct to be righteous. Pride in one’s journey and results is important. However, let go…. and let GOD gave HIS wonderful way! We create barriers and often find that one cannot go back to a past point… Channel energy towards the focussed outcome, be clear on the objectives remain humble and accept the unlimited abundance that the world offers. Do this egoless and see the surprising results. There is no shame in letting go and acknowledge with the following, once one becomes aware. 💝 I am sorry, please forgive me, I am letting go and channel my energy to YOUR goodwill. I live in GRACE and I am focussed on giving the best of me in every situation, I am involved in. I am responsible, I am blessed and I am grateful…. Thank you for the guiding light. I am one within the SOURCE. With love 💕 S.

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