Conditioning of the mind is a daily process and one is exposed to a multitude of information. A vast majority of this is useless and very often loaded with deception. Testing one’s filters and forcing one to consciously manage what one allows to manifest in the subconscious conditioning. Things happen in 3’s and 4’s and more or less… our conditioning often makes us believe, these patterns. No need. When something happens, one can view and analyze the event and actively filter, subconscious old wife’s tales. Remain vigilant. Everything happens as it should and I am conditioning my subconscious with continuous active positive mantras. I am aware and that allows me to actively manage my outcomes. I am positive and I am grateful. Everything that happens is a result of my subconscious actions. I am responsible for the actions I take and how I manage my outcomes. I am love. I am wonderful and I am blessed. With love 💕 S.