Do you genuinely respect yourself? Are you remarkable and standing out in your life? One does not get respect one earns it. The way one acts with self and others sets the foundation for being respected. Being truthful and genuine is a starting point. Having love, for self 1st and living it out, is the starting point. It is not suggested that one is over critical with self, rather that one is truthful in one’s actions. 😎. Should one not accept certain ways and actions one can change the actions within oneself. If it is another there is choices, walk away or accept the others actions. Know however, only by example can we influence another towards change… one cannot change others. Act from the higher self, breath and meet the deadlines that you set yourself. By achieving small daily goals on the path to the bigger outcomes one grows self respect. I am achieving everything that I set my mind to! I am humble and accept myself for who I am, I am love and my energy is unlimited. I respect myself and protect my energy field against outside circumstances, I am…. With love πŸ’• S.