Checking the progress, monitoring the success, it is time for an intermittent award. During the season athletes compete, some events they fall short off the mark, others they excel and top the table! However each get rewarded, whether reactive or active accolades! Each experience a step closer to being the ultimate / overall winner. Finding the, I am, in the process. One realize that all energy is one, it is how I channel my gifts that distinguishes me, egoless, from the rest. I am the winner in my multiverse, I am blessed, I am grateful, I am aware, I am receiving from GRACE, I am rewarded, I am…. with love πŸ’• S.

Accidentally killed an awesome message. Will share a memory from the subconscious….


Once we become aware, in knowledge that all is one there is ultimately no choice. Let’s repeat the success we previously achieved. DJEPEMRR ! With love πŸ’• S. Your … I AM is the manifestor of an egoless creator, I am.. the change U expect from this multiverse πŸ’‹πŸ€™πŸ‘