When is your next trip? Is it holiday or for business? What are the plans… where, when, with whom and what will you do? How will you get there? It is just awesome, all the excitement, isn’t it? Before continuing this message close the eyes take a deep breath and see the travel arrangements in your minds eye! Lots of planning and checking availability as well as preparation for regulations and safety, vehicle check… what else, what else? 🧐🤨🤓 Amazing, do you feel the emotions running around in your body and mind? Exciting, that thoughts, can stir up that much excitement by just thinking of one’s travel plans, isn’t it? ✈️🚟🚲🛵🛬 Wonderful. Now take those same subconscious emotions, store them. Have it standing by on recall for when next you plan something for your future outcomes. Having dreams turned into reality requires some key ingredients… to make the goal more exciting use the emotions stored as if you are going to travel 🧳!!! One will be amazed by the outcomes. Everything you desire is already within you! Get the key to unlock the universal abundance from within your hidden gem, emotions! Save travels… see you on the other side… With love 💕 S.


Often engulfed by outer parties, trying to force or manipulate a situation? Friends, a partner, the company or everyone’s favorite, government! Manipulation is real. How does one overcome this. The ostrich trick could be an option, hiding in the sand, i.e. ignorance. Aggression and fighting back i.e. losing one’s temper, another option. What about silence, not addressing the issue believing it will get better, childish, not so? So how does one address the manipulation? Remove the energy that the situation seems to have in one’s own mind. Channel one’s emotions taking the energy out of the situation. See the bigger picture. Teach one’s subconscious to see the 🌲 trees from the woods. Become aware. No one has power over me other than what I subconsciously allow, not so? At www.ineuniverse.com a mind entrainment audio download is waiting for your response to enhance your experience in this game called life. 😂🤣😅 see our subliminal manipulation working in your subconscious 😜🤪😃😆. Positively making a difference. A free download is now available. Take charge. With love 💕 S.