Day 983 – End

On this last day of 2022, let the things holding one back, end. If possible leave that energy behind and embrace the abundance available… With love 💕 S.

Day 982 – Change

The one consistent factor in life. Acknowledge it, accept it and actively participate, it is a choice! The outcomes can’t be predicted, but how one reacts can be controlled. With love 💕 S.

Day 981 – Transmutation

Being able to channel unused energy into a useful channel to vibrate at a higher frequency. Today look inward and adjust the potential to be. With love 💕 S.

Day 980 – Blue

Sometimes we feel it reactively! Now, try it as a color of power, celebration, new dawn, new breathtaking moments, as well! One decide, and act… today. Be the blue light of excitement and vibrate at a higher frequency!!! With love 💕 S. #ineuniverse

Day 979 – Ethereal

As energy flows it’s course through one’s lifetime, one decides to accept the outcome or with ethereal vibration adjust to the desired outcomes. Be kind to self and vibrate on a frequency with love. Be ethereal within. With love 💕 S.