Once a journey starts and there is a clear desired outcome, one has to dig deep to stay the path. Obstacles may come, the way may deviate, other seemingly more important egocentric distractions may be presented. However one has to stay the path one has committed on. To fail in one area is to build courage to stand up in a different way. Remain focussed on the initial why, remain committed to the desired outcome. Remember we are daily bombarded with white noise, distracting us deliberately in order to create disorder in our world 🌍. At www.ineuniverse.com we offer services to assist you, to persist with the journey you are committed to! You are the most important you in your life. Persistence is the example you take to the universe. With love 💕 S.

👫🏽👭When carefully examined, one finds that ALL opinions are worthless. What is important to notice is that all opinions stem from and reinforce belief systems, and it is these belief systems that bring on endless suffering. To be aware of one’s programs and conditioning and to let them go, is to silence opinions, and to let go of opinions is to let go of judgment.👫🏽👭

🌸If you or anyone you know are struggling to overcome obstacles or just not coping with the current climate in our country of with your job, contact me for an appointment! I will teach you how to rid yourself from everyday stress and equip you to deal with obstacles in a better way! Have an awesome day! 🌸