To maintain my relevance I commit myself to taking a picture from the same spot at the same time every day for this unusual period we have to live through.

I am sharing this as a story book ????

Should you not want to receive this, let me know and I’ll stop ???? sending. This might be profound at times….. but it is what it is!!!

Here goes!

At 19:00 last night our lock ???? down started… wow and with a bang, literally!!!
We had a thunder storm ⛈ of note ???? that left us in the dark. Sitting with our electric ⚡️ candles ???? ???? looking at the blank space beyond , talking in raised voices. (We have a tin roof, awesome ???? but noisy)

Seeing the 3rd storm ⛈ in 3hours, being thankful that we are safe in our little encampment, having luxury….. (each for his own).
My mind wandered in empathy to all those in this town, country and in the world ???? that did not even have the basics.
No means to prepare for this, car guards, that is trying every day being unseen by most people. The box collector, just generally everyone that does something to survive without a formal income…. this includes the persons who works in a salon ???????? or drive around fixing things.

My thoughts ???? and prayers this morning is to those that will have to continue after this period.
Please know it includes you! We all experience this in a different way….

It would not be fun if I did not add this… genuinely imagine you were….

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