To those who can let go! The past is no longer serving us, the future remains where it should be.
The now is where one should, focus!
Saying that dies not mean one should ignore one’s experience! In fact, that is the differentiator!
Use your unique tools, apply time wisely, be the difference that mankind awaits!
Flow with nature being ecological and adapting to awareness of the higher purpose!
Serve and live! Pull out the blank canvas and paint ????, be unstoppable, create a new abundance in your world ????. You are awesome, you are more, nurture the seedlings ????!
Plant new seeds today, in thoughts ????, in activity and in the universe!
Amazing ???? things will happen, act fearless with defined purpose, live for the moment!
You are unstoppable!
You are creative!
You are change!
YOU ARE. Just be!

With love ???? S.

Rainy morning!