How are you coping with the times we are living in? Have you reinvented your work, home or personal situation! Are you doing things the same way as in the past or did you have to adapt to the new ways?
Whatever happened, do you feel you are being the ultimate best you, that you can be?

With love ???? S.

❄️????When is one ready to enter friendliness instead of friendship, relatedness instead of relationship? *_When_* *__the__* *_fear_* *_of_* *_being_* *_alone_* *_is_* *_transcended_* . When one is no longer interested in the dramas that come with relationships. It is not a loss. It is the birth of a higher level of consciousness born out of the fullness of the here and now. There is no urgency about the connection,no neediness, no desire to change the other into something else.It is the birth of a love that is truly unconditional without expectation or demand.❄️????