Our bodies are very good in letting us know it is time to clean up ???? and heal. This comes in many forms and shapes. From a common cold to much more severe illness. The way to heal is often and in more than 85 % of the cases reactive. Imagine one lived with awareness and a plan for diet (life long plan) as well as adding all the supplements and vitamins from a young age…. would one’s health be better off. ???? www.ineuniverse.com offers these type of additives to assist us in the process of healing mentally. Using the various subjects one now gets the chance to detox the mind and load powerful affirmations ???? to help one’s state of mind to act less reactive in times of stress but coordinated and solutions orientated!

The continued use of positive affirmations is an elixir during difficult times, visit our site and view the different products, listen to the demo audio clips do a pdf download and read the affirmations…. get your free download and join us o the path of mental detoxification….

With love ???? S.

❄️????The mind can never be intelligent. Only no-mind is original, intelligent and wise. The mind is simply a projection of the past or future. The mind cannot be here and now. It cannot see Reality. What it sees is always a very “personal” interpretation of what is. So, when in the mind, life is very limited. The flame of life is very dim. Once the mind is observed it starts losing momentum and the flame of life emerges – clean, clear, alive, innocent. Life BECOMES a flame, a flame that exposes WHAT IS. That is what awareness is.❄️????