In cricket ???? this is a superstition, now it is said, is a difficult time for the batsmen. Maybe it is or not, but now it is required to calmly keep your attention on the desired outcome!

Your special gift ????????????

????????”The old world is dying and the new world is struggling to be born: Now is the time for monsters”. The writer and philosopher Antonio Gramsci (2010) emphasized and echoed the visions and foresight of many wise ones who came before us. The  “Time of Monsters” is certainly evident in the extreme conditions prevailing on Earth on so many levels right now. The purpose of all of this: CHANGE. Humanity is discovering that the “outer world” no longer provides security and stability. Everything is changing all the time – now faster than ever before. Our work as spiritual students: To discover that which never changes within. To discover that Life lives Itself. All is one ☝️ in GOD the Creator ????????

❄️????What are the qualities of awareness? Watchful, alert, joyous, available, engaged, centered, loving, flowing, one walks, sits, works, plays. The essence is being at ease,here and now. Do whatever you are doing, but at the deepest core  remain at ease, calm, centered.❄️????