Journal. When one keeps a close record from beginning to end on your projects, one is able to clearly define the desired outcomes in the beginning. As the process flows one is able to measure the smaller steps achieved. In journaling the daily activity a clear record emerges. In return, one is able too “see” clearly the result and adjust the activity to pull back in-line with the desired outcomes. Having an end goal ???? defined, combined with measured activity is a way to confirm that you achieved the planned outcome.

With love ???? S.

To everyone enjoying a break in the heatwave ????????????????????

 ❄️????If you drop ALL knowledge borrowed from others, including your name and identity, there will be a totally different quality to your being – innocence. The death of the ego-mind, the persona and separate existence. The innocence of life lived without the past. Lived fully with the quality of acceptance, flow and wisdom of the ever-changing wonder of Life.????⛄