What a small world ???? we live in, within the multiverse. Yet what a huge expanse is there between partners?
With information freely available on the web, this world seems to have pulled close, and yet with all the fake news it feels like… the times of the tower of Babel. Is the current world situation being used to condition the masses to conform to the new ways of communicating and receiving information ℹ️? Are we subject to anew world order of dictatorship? These are current and burning questions… At ineuniverse we offer a product that allows YOUR subconscious to awaken the abundance available in these turbulent times and assist your conscious mind to sift through the white noise in an organized manner! See the woods from the trees ????. Get the self-improvement script for free… and see how much more is on offer. www.ineuniverse.com. With

Love ???? S.

❄️????The Inner Path’s greatest contribution is providing an alternative to a life of suffering. Everything that exists around us is a creation of egoic-consciousness. The Inner Path is an opportunity to drop out of a chaotic world. To learn to live WITH it instead of IN it. In doing so we become free and able to start manifesting a different way of life, a different world. A world in which love, compassion and kindness will be the very core of society. This is the greatest contribution we can make in our life time.❄️????