We all know it is written by the winner, don’t we? His story is purely a view that is recorded with a lens and with certain filters. Depending on your position during the event you have a view. 5 persons seeing the same event may well record 5 different versions of His Story. You are unique, Thrive in that knowledge. Build courage and enhance your story. Remember you are awesome… with all my heart ♥️ write His Story.

With love ???? S.

❄️????When in egoic-consciousness guidance is looked for outside. In books, teachers, family, friends, etc. Turning within one discovers that there is an inner guide – a witness. In Sanskrit it is referred to as dharma – the intrinsic god -essence. This is done through living with awareness and daily spiritual practise. Awareness is like light that one brings into a dark room. In the beginning just like a small candle – but it still disperses the dark. And once there is a candle the discovery begins. One begins to see what is authentic and what is projected/illusion. In the process inner guidance emerges and one starts living from the very center of Life. If you go with it, this light will carry you exactly where you need to be.❄️????

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