Thoughts become things! As one thinketh and dwell upon one achieves. Be aware of where your mind wanders… You are in control of your programming and you allow/decide to live within an active or reactive state of mind. Assisting with programming, ineuniverse offers various categories of products in 4 types of background sound. If you spend a moment in time go listen ???? and download your subconscious entrainment audio clip. The results of daily listening is fundamental in reprogramming active outcomes!

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❄️????When aware there is no doer. When unaware there is a doer. When unaware there is anxiety, tension, stress, anguish – living a reality of uncertainty – and believing that it is true. When aware there is the knowing that Life lives Itself – Life IS happening spontaneous. There is no need for any inner struggle or effort – there is no need to fight for anything. There is an availability to what ever Life brings. In every moment there is the awareness that everything is in place. This is what needs to be experienced right now. What reflection, what teacher is available in this moment ? What do I need to wake up to in this moment?❄️????