Do you sometimes feel that you have seen and experienced a situation before. De Javu? Or is it the Matrix that glitched! Using mindfulness music ???? one can create outcomes in the future that is clearly defined in the now. Consciously set your broad goals and allow the subconscious mind to create details for these goals and allow the universal power locked in you, to release and create the desired outcomes! offers this type of products to assist and enhance the journey, take a moment and get a promotional download for free!

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❄️????The struggle between “right” and “wrong” is the primal notion of the ego-mind. It is the source of all judgement and suffering. Realizing that nothing in the outer world has a value but the projected value that one gives it, gives birth to an inner neutrality that is fundamental to inner peace.❄️????

???? its all experience, one needs action. Experience guide us making different decisions seeking and finding alternative outcomes. ???? Einstein describes madness as taking the same action but expecting a different result ????????????????