The nourishing rain ???? stopped and the ground is grateful, we are so blessed. Fortunately we came to see a stunning full moon ???? between the clouds ☁️.
The season changing brings new hope and a different way! ???? This morning it would be easier to just lay in bed, turn around and go back to sleep ????!
Alas, one has committed to a great change! The resources are running low but the discipline created during the past 12 days is intact and the inner change established.
Go today, take all the energy it takes, lift your head and be the discipline in your life.
With love ???? S.

Clouded morning, all is still wet. The day has broken! With mist in the valleys, lifting slowly, giving way to the heat of the day. Unusual times, isolation and fear of the unknown. Heed the call, stand strong ???? this is a time to recoup and go into the inner silence, gather yourself be the ultimate you, make and be the change you want to see in your world.

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