Pacing, life moves along whether one is participating or observing. With clear and defined written goals one’s desired outcomes can be achieved. By pacing oneself and systematically working towards the outcome everything is possible.

With love ???? S.

????????When fully aware, the mind, the body, personality and life roles are experienced as a garment. When unaware we are identified with them, so much so that we believe that is who we are. If the body is beautiful we believe that we are beautiful. If the body is not beautiful we believe that we are not attractive – and we suffer. We play certain roles in life: parent,athlete, artist, teacher, friend etc – and we believe that is who we are. This identification is so strong and so deep that the garment we are wearing ceases to be a garment. This identification is the source of all separation and suffering. We are so much more. We are Life Itself.????????????

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