The mere nature of human kind is to seek companionship. Wars have been fought, over the desire for companionship. As we know history is written by the winner…. ???????????? (his story). More often than not in these type of relationships/ companionship, there is a lack of compatibility. Initially, driven by desire and lust, individuals will discard the sense of “knowing” the relationship is not right. This in turn is driven by a fear of loss or being lonely. Once in a relationship the shine starts wearing off. The compatibility issue then becomes the focus. At this time in relationships one has to dig deep in to the soul to again engage the passions that drove one into the current situation! The answers are with in.

With love ???? S.

@ our coaching staff is available to guide individuals to find the answers within! Speak to you soon. #companionship


Today I am, blessed with His Grace and thankful for waking up to experience His Glory. It is awesome ???? knowing each one of us has unlimited abundance available now. Embrace your internal spirit abundance and live the life of your dreams!

????????How do we live constructively in times of chaos? We learn to live with insecurity. The only sustainable security we as humans can muster is the ability to accept, adapt and flow with life. This is not a passive acceptance or withdrawl, but an active knowing and recognition of the very nature of creation and a willingness to participate and actively work and contribute to it. It means that we learn to ask: What does this moment, this situation ask of me? Namaste.????????