It is human nature to surround oneself with like minded people. In this there is co-responsibility. Thoughts become things. Use yours wisely to maintain life long companionships . With love ???? S

❄️????At the last doorway to Self-realization stands the ego’s final challenge, which is the central belief that it is the source of not only identity but also of life itself. This is the final illusion – and walking straight into it facilitates a point of no return – of absolute finality: The death of the ego and the evidence of the Ultimate Reality : There is NOTHING but God/Life expressed in countless ways.❄️???? .Contact our team of professional service providers to assist you with planning a winning strategy. #dreams #planning #newbusiness opportunities

❄️????in the end, to the dedicated spiritual student, the pursuit of life beyond the ego-mind superceded all other considerations. The commitment to eternally be free from suffering and the flowering of the heart involves the decision NO MATTER WHAT… ❄️????