Maybe a lesson in life for those that require a lesson….

About 6 months ago, my neighbor asked me for the Wi-Fi password. I gave it to him because it didn’t cost me anything and because I got along with him. Yesterday I was walking home and he was at the door. I stopped to talk a bit as usual, and he happily told me he now had Netflix. At that, I jokingly said: ′′ I work hard, barely have time to watch TV, but it’s great, if you could lend me your password to watch some shows I’d appreciate it “. A voice was heard in the distance, it was his wife, sitting in the car: ′′ We can’t give it to him, because I’m the one who pays and I can’t share it.”
The most total silence reigned!
The man apologized subheading, I said there was no problem. We kept talking about other things,as they went in, he stayed out doing his stuff. Shortly thereafter, his wife came out to call him, she seemed very nervous, said the television wasn’t working. My neighbor came into the house, I looked out the window. After a few minutes, he and his wife came to call me and told me the Wi-Fi wasn’t working, that the password wasn’t going in. I looked at them and said, ′′ I changed my password, because it’s me paying and I can’t share it “. The wife turned red and tried to say something, but I said, ′′ Ma’am, I have my network and you have your Netflix, everything is fine and everyone is happy “. They turned around and left closing the door. They never spoke to me again.
This story isn’t mine, but here’s the lesson I learned from it:
– Friendship must be mutual.
– Love must be mutual.
– Affection must be mutual.
In 2020 I intend to return silence with silence, absences with absences, affection with affection, friendship with friendship and loyalty with loyalty. No more unidirectional feelings. Feelings must be mutual.
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With love ???? S.

????????One might say that the “goal” of the inner path is the discovery of Life/God Itself, not as a transcendent “out there” entity, but as a radically subjective experience of Divinity, within as well as without. In the end there is the realization that there is only ONE world, that the perception of an inner and outer world is an illusion of the ego-mind. There is the realization that the Self IS the Presence of God/Life Itself.????????