Following a daily routine using the subliminal audio available @ will assist one to awaken new neuro pathways. This is powerful exercises to release the innermost energy within and allowing the manifestation from The Source to create the ultimate I am. You are an awesome person… complete the 30 day journey and embrace he results.

It is a season of change and in nature we experience the abundance from above…. it rained ???? in the mountains ⛰ and we are receiving the blessings with gratitude ????

With love ???? S.


????????There is great freedom in the realization that one “has” a body, emotions, thoughts, etc., instead of believing I “am” the mind, body. Suffering is the price one pays for identifying with the body as “me”. With this identification comes attachment and where there is attachment, there is fear. Very few people know what it is to live without fear. Beyond identification, attachment and fear, life becomes effortless as the source of fear dissolves. Fear represents the survival instinct in us – the animal in us – we are so much more.????????