A burden or opportunity!
One will have to dig deep and channel the energy and resources to make the period ahead a meaningful time.
Now is a time to plant a a new seed. There is 21 days laying ahead.
What are the combined human collective going to do?
Sit back and wait? Waiting to return to normal?
Be proactive, learn a new skill! Sharing thoughts journaled the past 14 days!
Daily exercise routine, setting Video Call meetups with friends, family and loved ones.
It is time to stand up, be measured as a rock.
BE, the strength that those who require motivation and courage can turn to, dependable and encouraging!!!
Read, listen and share! Commitment is required for those that are dreaming bigger than life itself!
Be clear in setting goals during this period. Create a vision board, cast some dreams in stone and plant the seeds of change!
You are a winner, now get up and take action!
Love ???? Stephan.

If you require a lenient ear or a chat feel free to be in contact! Let us share the journey on a path of positive growth!
Forever the servant!

One experience the changing world every day! What have you done today to receive your share of the abundance available! The seeds plated 15 days ago are beginning to spread the network of energy and the life giving flow is sprouting! Receive that what you planted, abundantly!

????????When challenged, when there is suffering, do you ask: What is the teacher in this situation? What do I need to learn here? What is it reflecting about my inner world? Do you take responsibility for your suffering? Can you see that you and you alone create your own suffering?????????

The way to attract and bring into fruition ANYTHING you want is to focus on that specic thing that is wanted and to turbo boost it right into your reality you need to add EMOTION. Emotion helps magnify the energy of that specific attraction and with constant focus on what is so eagerly wanted that specific thing is delivered to you buy your magnified point of attraction…This is true and it’s true for whatever you focus on…GOOD OR BAD…

JOY is a great powerful emotion but FEAR and doubt are GREATER… The powerful energy of fear has killed more oppertunity than failure ever will. Something that is way STRONGER than anything is the collective energy of of people who desire the same things …. with this in mind…. looking into your own life…think about how thing’s manifested in your own life or the lives of those you know.. maybe the constant focus on bad drivers that ended you in an accident ..or the constant fear of cancer that your focus on attracted dilligently and delivered it to your front door… you can ponder this or reject this but let’s not focus on something not wanted like the collective FEAR BASED NEGATIVE ENERGY of the world at this time. The negative energy of fear will deliver way more harm to you and our world than corona ever will and if this fear is not addressed URGENTLY could be disastrous to our world. I ask you today to not act ignorant of this virus but to change your mind to an energy and focul point of what is wanted and not let fear run through your life like a wild fire.. People and nations survived wars and pandemics and came out stronger..we can do this and we can make a difference…let’s find the light thoughts that will lead us with focused energy to what we want and stand asside so that fear can no longer have a place in our reality…not just this corona but in all aspects of life…find the good thoughts and learn to add emotion then magnify it and watch it come to you every time.
May we all use this corona to ponder on deliberately focusing goodness into our lives and make this world a better safer healthier happier and easier place to live and thrive….


As is all the good things that you do! However, it is your quest to decide which Wolf to Feed!

The one that destroys or the one that GROWS and cope with the circumstances! It is a decision, you make the choice!