One is that what one allows. I am great πŸ‘ or I am needy 🀐. Or any other emotions. At we provide audio tools πŸ›  to assist one taking control of the daily bombardment by outside information. We are exposed to so much information ℹ️ that one may feel overwhelmed. One cannot hide in a corner and wait for things to get better, it won’t! Get up and get going, focus your thoughts to maintain the way of the path you designed to get to your desired outcome. Let the distractions go …. you are driven and focussed. Using the audio tools one is able to condition the mind into focusing and GO! Your 30 day commitment to yourself starts here and now! With love πŸ’• S.

πŸ™πŸƒTo turn inward, to become a seeker of what is Real, to be dedicated and committed, one first has to become disillusioned with worldly desires. At first one has to chase and be fixated on those desires until you see their emptiness. Then one becomes deeply disappointed and see that they are futile and that whether one succeeds or fails, one always fails; whether one has money or not, one is always poor. When that insight dawns on you, one can really become a seeker of Truth and the Inner Path can begin. Otherwise, if the outer world is still you highest priority, you will try and carry all your worldly desires with you on the Inner Path. This can be very challenging – and it is often the reason why seekers give up. So, if you are only interested in money, power, status, ego-games, relationships or a specific lifestyle, then follow that route, and when the insight eventually comes that it brings NO lasting peace and contentment, then the time will be right to turn inward.πŸƒπŸ™