Some of the associates we have in our team offers different healing techniques. At we channel requests to them for assistance. As there is different medicine for different situations there are different release programs that work hand in hand for maximum client satisfaction. These products include TRE (Trauma Release Exercise),…Sound vibration healing … Kinesiology, Online Yoga, Morter Walk and NLP coaching. For more information ℹ️ Contact us for a free introduction and consultation. We can assist to channel your unique experience to breakthrough the cocoon that may be holding you back, from releasing the ultimate best you. Thrive. With love πŸ’• S

πŸ™To unlearn shame, it is helpful to realize that it is based on egoic pride. The loss of status is painful because the ego relies on pride as a prop up to its self-esteem. In the absence of narcissistic pride, a mistake or negative feedback would be experienced only as a regret and seen as human frailty and fallibility. Mistakes help one retain humility.πŸƒπŸ™

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