Being on the journey through life, opportunities or adversity crosses one’s path. Although one accept that there is no right or wrong, but a build up of experience. However how we react to the experience is what creates the outcome. With brain entrainment via subliminal audio, adjusting one’s active reactions is made easier. By adjustments in the thought process a proactive vs. reactive approach can be followed, this leaves one in a position of more control. You decide! With love 💕 S.

🍃🙏The very process of knowing the nature of the ego-mind and observing it already begins to diminish the ego’s grip. The sense of self begins to shift locus, and the experience of one’s Real Self begins to emerge through the layers of consciousness. There is the discovery that one is only EXPERIENCING the ego – how else would it be possible to observe it? So, the task to be accomplished is to simply let go of the identification with the ego as one’s real self.🍃🙏