Often one find that once circumstances change and one is faced with a cold hard reality. We are conditioned over a period of time to accept the conditions we live in and do not see the patterns that makes us comfortable and compliant.

At ineuniverse.com audio brain entrainment offers tools to assist with dieting and weight management one of the key areas of self awareness and development. Not only for health reasons but the total package 📦. Everyday 90% of the population gets bombarded with messages that it is ok 👌 to over indulge. Well, loved ones, IT IS NOT. Whether we are skinny or have a fuller body for health reasons your diet requires a disciplined program. Contact our coaches at ineuniverse for assistance in building your unique diet program. Your future is in your hands. Clarify your dreams and let’s assist you to achieve your desired outcomes. With love 💕 S.

🍃🙏Ego-mind THINKS, consciousness KNOWS, and Self IS.🍃🙏