In all time past never was so much information ℹ️ so readily available. One can hardly move or the information overload hits you. Radio, TV, internet, billboards, phones, computers, other people and the list goes on. How one manage all the information is important. To discern between the truth and the false information is a full time practice. Finding time to balance your life and getting into the silence… can be challenging. A certain amount of discipline to create the habit to practice silence is required. One needs to make a commitment to actively create a daily routine. At audio clips are available to assist you with the journey to guide and nudge you toward a balanced outcome. We are available to provide assistance, call us and be the balance in your future. With love 💕 S

🍃🙏Consciousness and the heart are one. It is the heart that is at one with Life/God. To discover one’s own heart is to discover Life/God. And when the heart flowers, one is truly alive. 🍃🙏

🍃🙏When the mind stops talking, one is aware that there is nothing but Life/God. One is immersed in it rather than being on the surface, talking about it. Paradoxically, this enables full participation. When ego-consciousness is transcended, the joy of freedom and the sheer flow of life sweeps one into total surrender. Now there is no longer a reaction to life, so it can be enjoyed with complete serenity.🍃🙏