What have you done during / in this time to make a difference? Vivid imagination and practice following a daily program working your project, made a change in the world surrounding you, did it not? From a bean planter to grower and enjoying the foods of our labor we journey together to the next level, aren’t we? We trust that the accolades you deserved during this period of change are bestowed upon you! Your reward is in the effort that you have put in to be the difference in your world 🌎. We congratulate you for being the “change” you made the past 180 days. Go forth little one, with love 💕 S.

BE…………. Be more than you thought, you could ever imagine. Vividly see the next level in your imagination, be the change in your world, be on target 🎯 You are loved Universally 💕

🍃🙏Great leaps in levels of consciousness are preceded by the surrender of the illusion that ” I know.”🍃🙏