Give it your best, better than yesterday. Whatever you do, know that it is temporary things will change. Whether good or bad by taking action you are building experience. You are an influencer, everything one does has results, sometimes active and other times reactive. How you act is the key πŸ”‘. At ineuniverse our audio products assist one to make sense of this temporary reality. Get your program today and experience the changing outcomes. With love πŸ’• S

πŸƒπŸ™There is no inner “thinker” behind thoughts, no “doer” behind actions, no “seeker” of enlightenment. Seeking occurs on it’s own when the time is right, and it emerges asΒ  a focus of attention through interest, or suffering. Life lives itself. Spiritual work and dedication unfolds as it unfolds – it cannot be hindered or hastened. πŸƒπŸ™