Is an emotion. It is subjective. One is exposed to this once we act outside the agreed terms of an agreement. Overcoming this requires clear and open communication. Circumstances change and as the terms of an agreed outcome changes, communication with all involved manages expectations. One sometimes does things that happens on the spur of the moment. An aware awakened person are able to translate the energy of doing “wrong” into awareness of openness. @ our subliminal audio products assist one to develop inner awareness. This in turn assist with creating new conditioning. It is a journey of a lifetime, one is in control, you decide if your conditioning is serving the desired outcome! Change is not an option, it going to happen, managing the change by subliminal conditioning however is a decision that one can make. Our coaches are standing by to assist, ✅ . Contact us and we will compliment your programming to create a journey with your desired outcomes. With love 💕 S.
Ps. Act now!

🍃🙏The goal of society in general is to succeed in the world, whereas the “goal” of the inner path is to transcend beyond it. To live with it but not in it.🍃🙏