Do you sometimes experience an emotion of meaninglessness, that there is no purpose in life? That is quite all right. Being aware is important and to analyze the situation one find oneself in when this emotion occurs should assist one to change the thoughts and take different actions. Where possible one should consciously not allow the situation. Alternatively one can approach the situation from a different angle. There always is a different alternative. provide self motivation subliminal audio products that enhance and assist one to create and develop neuro pathways. Meaningful living will endure setbacks and one can condition the subconscious to believe that everything has purpose. Some active and some reactive, how one acts is a decision. You decide. With love πŸ’• S.

Ps. Often our greatest sense of meaning comes from our darkest experience! I am the one that creates my meaningfulness… I am in control of my actions… I am responsible… I am awesome πŸ‘

πŸƒπŸ™Trust means not expecting a particular outcome but rather knowing that whatever the result, it is for the highest good. The beauty of not needing a particular outcome results in freedom from all thoughts about why a particular result can’t be expected. Now one can “put things on automatic”. When one faces a challenge, one automatically accepts that it will go well, and trust that whatever the outcome, it will be perfect for all. It WILL serve our spiritual awakening in one way or another. πŸƒπŸ™